Dr. George Bell

Pastor George E. Bell was born on March 7, 1952. He was raised locally on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. He was not born into a Christian home with any Godly influences; and, as a result, he looked in all the wrong places for answers. Growing ever more frustrated with everyone trying to tell him what to do, he did the logical thing and joined the military. He fought in the Vietnam War as an Army Airborne soldier, demolitions expert. But even in going to another country he could not escape himself. In all of this God continued to work on his heart. Eventually, through a series of events in his young adult life that abruptly ended his military career, he accepted Christ as his Saviour at the age of 20 on April 14, 1972.

Just a short time later he married Cynthia Spaulding on July 14, 1973. Together, he and his wife have raised four children: Matthew, Crystal, Carla, and James. They also currently enjoy ten grandchildren. His older brother Bill became his mentor and idol, and an example of a model Christian in his life. It seemed natural then to help him start a church on the east side of Columbus. With his brother now his pastor he was willing to do anything to help the church grow. This included being a bus captain, Sunday school teacher, youth pastor, and choir director. Soon, God was ready to call him to be a pastor. He hesitated at first, but ultimately surrendered to God’s calling and went to bible college to prepare for the ministry.

After college, God brought Pastor Bell back to Columbus where he currently serves as Pastor of the Anchor Baptist Church. Pastor Bell has been the only Pastor that Anchor Baptist Church has ever known. He founded the church on July 30, 1989. On the inaugural Sunday morning, he preached to ten people. Over two decades later he still thunders God’s Word to the congregation of the Anchor Baptist Church with a current active attendance of over 450.

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